Self-love is a journey, not a destination. Here are 5 amazing strategies that will help you love yourself on the good, bad, and ugly days.

5 Strategies for Self-Love

5 self-love tips coach swati

Self-love is a journey, not a destination. Here are 5 amazing strategies that will help you love yourself on the good, bad, and ugly days.

In the last self-love post in this series, I spoke about why self-love is 100% a must. In today’s post, I want to walk you through some strategies I personally use in my life to feel deeper self-love every day.

Strategy #1: Love to Hate Yourself

It’s important to rationalize your hate. By this, I mean that before you work on self-love, you need to understand your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs surrounding yourself. Make a list of all the things you dislike about yourself (scary, I know!). Then ask yourself: why do I feel this way? Is there evidence to support this statement? Is there a silver lining to this? Repeat this exercise whenever you have a self-hating thought until you get to the core belief, and logic your way out of it.

Strategy #2: Practise Affirmations

As the saying goes, “fake it till you make it!” But instead of going all-out with affirmations that you would never believe, not even in your wildest dreams, start small. Maybe you want to grow your business and make six-figures every year, but you’re still at four-figures. Affirm to yourself the steps you will have to take to get to that six-figure. Focus more on things like “I have grown my Instagram following by 5x” or “The virtual assistant I hired is doing so well”. These are things that would aid you in your six-figure goal. As these things start happening, affirm “I now own a successful six-figure business”. Unless you believe the affirmations with all your heart, they won’t really help you.

Strategy #3: Visualize the Journey

You have to see it to believe it. When you go to bed every night, focus on what you want your future to look like instead of ruminating over the things that happened during the day. Whether it’s a week from today, or a year, or ten years, let your imagination wander. Feel the emotions you’d feel then. Which people are around you in your ideal future? Where do you live? What do you do for a living? What’s your life like? Soak it all in, and go to sleep with a smile on your face.

Strategy #4: Your Tribe Decides Your Vibe

Who are your people? It’s true that you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most. Are you spending your time with people who value you and help you grow, or people who pull you down and make you feel like shit? Be conscious of who you surround
yourself with, and understand that it’s okay to cut toxic people out of your life.

Strategy #5: Find Your Soul Coach

Sometimes we need a helping hand, a push in the right direction, some guidance to get ourselves out of our current mindset. If you feel the same way, do your research and work with a coach who gets you and your challenges! Make sure your gut instinct tells you they’re the right fit for you before making a commitment. I do offer coaching services, and I would love to help you on your self-love journey. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to work together.

Which strategy are you going to implement starting now? Try them all out, see which one works for you, and be sure to let me know. Until next time!

Love hard & dream big,

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