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The Biggest Reason You’re Not Making Money As an Online Biz Owner

why you're not making money as an online biz owner coach swati money mindset coach

Online biz owners, you're not making money for one simple yet very important reason: you think you're poor when, in fact, you're not. Read on for my best money-making, abundance-attracting tip.

"Why am I still poor?"

Ever had this thought? I mean, you've been working your butt off for weeks, months, years. Trying to save as much as you can. Not buying the things you want because you can't afford them. And... you're still f*cking poor.

So what now?

Here's the truth.

I'm sorry to shatter your little bubble, but girl? You're rich. You're abundant. You're manifesting a lot, lot, LOT more money than you realise. You just have to... realise it.

Money isn't just about the $$$ you earn from your online business clients. Money includes everything from the discounts you get to the coupons you receive to getting a free meal because the other person picks up the tab. And when you add all of that up, you make (or save) soooo much money.

Don't believe me? Fine. Just do this one simple exercise daily, okay? Create an Excel sheet and make a list of EVERY single cent or dollar that you make, save, or receive today.

Everything counts. Client pays an invoice? You get a free drink at Starbucks? Your friend buys you lunch? You spot a $5 bill on the ground? You find spare change in your purse of couch that you didn't know existed? TRACK. THAT. SH*T.

Money adds up a lot more than we know. Sometimes, we forget to be grateful for everything we have already. Ambition is fantastic -- I have big money goals too that I have yet to achieve. But I'm still going to be thankful for every rupee I make, find, or receive.

This the reason I feel and am so rich. Because I have an attitude of gratitude for the money flowing into my life. And the more I feel this gratitude, the more I will receive.

That's just how this beautiful, abundant Universe works.

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