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The Mindset Block Keeping You Stuck

mindset block keeping you stuck: imposter syndrome

Mindset is what makes or breaks you and your business. Read about the biggest mindset blocks that might be holding you back in life and business.

A lot of people believe that the #hustlelife is what helps you succeed. That, and luck, of course. If you know how to market your biz and have a great sales pitch, you're going to make it big in life.

Sure, those are definitely important ingredients in the recipe for success. But there is one super-essential ingredient is, without which your business and life aren't going to be successful in the long run... and that ingredient is your mindset.

If you don't have the right mindset, people will see right through your self-doubt, low self-esteem, and shaky confidence. It'll affect your sales ability. Your marketing skills might not take off. And your relationships will suffer, not just with friends, family, and clients, but also with yourself.

Today, I'm going to talk about the biggest mindset block that might be holding you back... and how to move past it.

Imposter syndrome, AKA you don't think you're good enough.

Raise your hand if you've ever been asked to talk about what you do, and you stammer and stutter your way into that conversation, because all you're thinking in your mind is, gosh, can I really say I'm a writer (or whatever business you're in) if all I keep getting are rejection letters? Maybe I should clarify that I'm an aspiring writer, not a real one.

I can't see you right now (because that would be really creepy), but chances are, you've raised your hand. Imposter syndrome is the feeling you get when, no matter how successful you are, you think you're a fake or a failure because of self-doubt and a lack of self-love.

And although everyone has their imposter syndrome days, it's a problem if it's a constant limiting belief in your head. You might not approach ideal clients because what if they think you're a fake too? You might not invest in your business because what if it's pointless to even try? Or you might not even approach that cute guy at work because, please, you're not good enough for him.

Here's what you can do. Every time you feel that imposter syndrome hitting you, acknowledge it. Then remind yourself of your successes. And finally, tell yourself, I may not know everything about this industry, but I can always learn. This is a journey, and I'm going to keep going.

I really recommend journaling to rework your subconscious and conscious mind into having faith in yourself. Without the right mindset, there's really no way you can succeed in life or business.

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Love hard & dream big,

swati - self-love coach for women

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