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Two Things You Need For a Successful Business

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Here are the two secrets to having a successful business — unwavering faith and extraordinary effort. Without either one, you’ll get nowhere. Trust me.

So you started your business a while ago. You were excited. Enthusiastic. Bursting with pride. You got shit done. Hustled your ass off. Kept going.

And then… suddenly… you stopped. Because where were the results? You were doing all the work, being positive, but nothing! So why bother? Clearly, you’re getting nowhere. Why not try once things pick up?

Girl, that’s the thing. As Hal Elrod said, you only need two things to create miracles: unwavering faith and extraordinary effort. In this case, to have a successful business that gets you clients and makes you money, you need to keep going. When you’re first starting out, it’s easy to have faith and take action. On the good days, it’s always easy. But to have faith and work hard on the bad days — that’s how you create magic.

Here’s how to have those two things that will help you grow a successful business.

Unwavering Faith

By ‘faith’, I don’t mean believing in a God or the Universe or a holy power. I mean believing in yourself and your business. You need to have faith that, even when it seems impossible, everything is figureoutable. Everything will work out as long as you keep your doubt and laziness in check.

If you’re struggling with having faith, do two things: one, write a letter to yourself from Future You — the You that’s achieved it all. Give yourself the motivation you can’t find elsewhere. Tell yourself how you achieved it all, why you need to keep going.

Two, remind yourself that nobody likes to keep working if they think results aren’t promised. So if you don’t have faith, you’re not going to work. And if you don’t work, the results won’t come. So just start having faith, pump yourself up, and start taking action. Which brings me to…

Extraordinary effort

I’m a big believer in manifestation and the law of attraction. But sitting around expecting the Universe to drop money into your lap is a dumb AF move. How about having faith that the money is coming… as long as you take action and work hard?

If you’re struggling with laziness, do two things: one, journal it out. What’s holding you back? Is it the lack of faith? Is it boredom? Do you need accountability? Get to the root of the issue and work your way up.

Two: remind yourself of what’s at stake if you don’t take action. Maybe you won’t be able to pay rent. Maybe you won’t get to buy that new house. And maybe you’ll be disappointed in yourself. Sometimes, negative reinforcement can help.

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