high-ticket sales formula by coach swati

The Only High-Ticket Sales Formula You Need

High-ticket sales formula for service-based entrepreneurs

There are 4 things you need to book consistent, high-ticket sales every month. And no, it isn't about the 'right' strategy. Keep reading to know what this high-ticket sales formula is.

"You can have it all, no sacrifice!" is a popular lyric from the viral song, Good As Hell, by my girl, Lizzo. And she's right. You CAN have it all.

But for some reason, society has glorified the idea of sacrifice. That's why they say, you can't have your cake and eat it too. I say, fuck that. You can be rich and successful without hustling hard all day and night. You can have consistent high-ticket sales and $5k months every month without burning out.

Yes, boo, you CAN have your cake and eat it too. And it all begins with FOUR things that make up my high-ticket sales formula.

Abundance mindset

If your money mindset is fucked, there's no way you're going to be rich and happy and carefree all together. Having a lack mindset or scarcity mindset equals being rich and freaking out about being rich/losing the money you have/worrying about making more money. Having an abundance mindset, on the other hand, is how you can make money and know there's more to come because you live in an abundant, giving world, and you deserve everything you desire.

Sales confidence

If you're not confident in your offer, your service, your ideal client and your pricing, you're not getting anywhere. While these things do come from a strong strategy foundation, the main thing to focus on is letting go of imposter syndrome and other limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

A healthy love for money

Sure, you want money right now. Maybe desperately. But on some level, you also kind of hate it. It annoys you, the way it comes and goes, the way your ex used to. So you repel money, again and again, with your negative, clingy, jealous, angry energy. And then you wonder why you're not making money. Going back to the abundance mindset point -- you need to be in love with the process of making money, not just the idea of future money.

Trust and faith in the process

If you worried constantly about your spouse or partner leaving you, got jealous if they even spoke to another woman, or felt super angry whenever they did someone without telling you... you'd probably not be in a very happy, long-lasting relationship. It's the same with money. Have faith that there's enough money to come around, even if Karen the coach books the same client you were talking to. Even if a client asks for a refund, know that it's for the best. When it seems like you won't make any money this week, don't give up. Do your part. Take aligned action. And wait for the money to come.

And there you have it! The only high-ticket sales formula you need. The four core mindset shifts that can transform your business from struggling to thriving. So now, do you believe that you can have your cake and eat it too?

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