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Who is my ideal coach?

Your ideal coach is your partner or guide throughout the coaching process, not an authority figure. They understand your goals, motivations, and challenges, and give you full freedom to take the coaching in your desired direction to achieve the outcomes you believe are important. They agree that you are in-charge of your life, not them!

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is a woman entrepreneur (girlboss, as I like to call her!) who's either just starting out her business or has been at it for a while. But maybe something's holding her back from making money in her business: she feels like she doesn't deserve to make it big, she doesn't have enough expertise or authority to charge high-ticket rates, and other limiting beliefs. My goal is to help her feel worthy and deserving of money so she can make her first $5k in business with ease, and accept the financial abundance in store for her.

What are some coach red flags to look out for?

Not every coach, no matter how competent they are, will be the right fit for you. Here are some red flags to keep in mind:

  • They don't offer a free discovery call, or they ask for payment upfront, even before you've had a chance to chat.
  • They're extremely private about their background and aren't receptive to questions you might have about them.
  • They're more 'cheerleader' than 'coach', in the sense that they only congratulate you and don't challenge you -- it's important as a coach to strike a balance.
  • They just give you a bad vibe. Trust your instincts! If you don't feel like this coach 'gets' you after the consultation call, let them know and look elsewhere for your ideal coach!

What does your 3-month 1:1 coaching package include?

My private money mindset coaching program is designed to help you rewire your mindset (specifically, your money mindset) so you can tackle imposter syndrome, comparison-itis, and other limiting beliefs and mindset blocks so you can book more dream clients, grow your business, and make your first $5k with ease.

The package comes with:

  • 12 one-hour video sessions where we work on getting you from where you are now to where you want to be in 3 months
  • Bonus worksheets and assignments to keep you on your toes
  • Unlimited Voxer text support throughout the month.

Where can I view your testimonials?

You can check out my clients' stories on my Instagram page here. Just look for the highlight titled Client Love!

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