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5 Girlboss Secrets for Growing Your Business

5 girlboss secrets for growing your business by Coach Swati

How do you become a girlboss when you’re running your own business? Well, there are some secrets every girlboss has… and here’s what they are.

girlboss (n.) A confident, capable woman who pursues her own ambitions instead of working for others or otherwise settling in life.

If you’ve started your own business, chances are, you did it for one or more of three reasons: a) you wanted freedom from the 9-to-5 hustle, b) you wanted to make money on your own terms in your own time, and c) you wanted to follow your passion. And if that’s true, then congrats: you’re at step one of becoming a girlboss!

In my opinion, every successful fempreneur is a girlboss. And although the definition of success varies, there are 5 traits every girlboss has — girlboss secrets, if you will — that help her achieve her goals, no matter the odds.

1. She invests in herself and her business.

I know there’s a lot of free content on the internet: email newsletters, how-to guides, Instagram tips and tricks, Facebook groups. But sometimes, that just doesn’t cut it. A girlboss knows she needs to treat her biz like a business, not a hobby. So she invests in a paid website, works with a coach, signs up for online courses. Because she knows those things are an investment, not an expense.

2. She’s choosy about who she works with.

When you have a 9-to-5 job, you pretty much have to work with your coworkers, your bosses, your company’s clients. You don’t get much of a say. Don’t make that mistake in your business. The second girlboss secret is that she knows how to set boundaries. She’s clear and confident about her ideal client and niche.

3. She knows Goal-Setting 101.

It’s so important to set the right goals before you can create the right strategy. A girlboss knows how to set SMART goals, how to practice visualization and future self journaling, how to stay committed to her goals, and how to get things done.

4. She has an epic content creation strategy.

Since this girlboss knows who her ideal client is and what her goals are, she also knows how to target her audience effectively and craft epic content. She doesn’t just throw spaghetti at the wall and hope something sticks. Instead, she makes sure every piece of content she shares either educates, inspires, or sells to her ideal client.

5. She knows how to build and maintain relationships.

Social media is called social for a reason, you know. A girlboss makes sure to engage with her ideal clients and others in her niche. She can convert cold leads into warm and hot leads, attract clients to her, and make sales both passively and proactively. And to do all of that, she builds meaningful relationships with the people who follow her.

So there you have it — the 5 best-kept girlboss secrets and traits every girlboss has that you need to embody if you want to get clear, confident, and rolling in cash in your business.

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Love hard & dream big,

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