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The one thing I want you to know about me, if nothing else? I've been there.

Yes. I've been exactly where you are right now: plagued by self-doubt, confused about what to offer to whom, and struggling to raise my rates for fear of never getting any clients.

And I realised, a little too late, that the reason I felt all those things was because I didn't have the right direction. I didn't have the right goals.

I didn't have the right strategy.

When I first started freelance editing, 3+ years ago, I charged as low as $50 for editing a 300-page novel that would take me at least 10-15 hours to edit.

Guess how long it took me to make bank in this business? Well over a year.

When I first started coaching 4+ months ago, I decided to work on any problem, any challenge, with literally anybody.

Guess how long it took me to sign my first client? More than two months.

Why did this happen?

Because I was scared shitless that nobody would hire me if my rates weren't "competitive" or "cheap". I was scared if I niched down or was selective about who I worked with, I would reduce the pool of potential clients and end up with no one. 

What that did was a) with my freelance biz, I was selling myself short and overworking just to make ends meet, and b) with my coaching, I was spreading myself too wide and not allowing the right clients to find me with the right messaging.

And then I hired my business coach.

I'll be honest, I felt like I had hit rock-bottom before this. I was crying most nights, complaining to my friends about how I had been working SO hard for SO long without seeing any results, and why was the world out to get me?

When I met my coach, things changed from the get-go. She called me out on my frail mindset and my weak marketing strategy. She told me I had the right intentions but not the right direction. And she showed me my unbounded potential and how much I deserved to roll in cash... as long as I worked towards it.

In the next few weeks, I worked on overcoming my mindset blocks, tightening up my sales strategy, and actually getting specific on my ideal client instead of trying to serve everyone, and I watched my businesses turn around.

Now I was charging over $500 for the same editing projects, and getting over 5-6 clients a month. Now I was confidently selling my coaching services on video, building relationships with potential soulmate clients, and actually making sales.

Now, I want to help you get there too.

Working with my coach has taught me three things: 1) accepting help doesn't make you "weak", it makes you smart; 2) having the right mindset and the right goals is way more important than your skillset or your talents; and 3) you deserve to dream big, aim high, and take consistent action so you can live your best business life.

Let me help you reach your fullest potential.

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